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Natural Zeolite Ball . Granule

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Features - natural zeolite, which is a fine multi-porous substance, has very strong physical adsorbing power and excellent chemical cation substitution capacity, and so it is much used as a ball of adsorption, catalyst and ion exchange functions.(for purify water, absorbent gas, waste water treatment)
- increase the amount of oxygen present in water.
- can be used safely in order to maintain the survival of ornamental fish(freshwater fish, saltwater fish)
- high resolvability of ammoniated nitrogen for widely porous characteristic.

light brown, Ball and Granule(KY-FM200), from 0.5mm to 40mm.


Elvan Stone(Maek ban stone) Ball

- Maek ban seok as an ore containing large quantities of over 40 kinds of minerals is used to change the physical properties of water(H2O) as it has a high emission rate of far infrared rays and strong adsorption, decomposition and ion exchange functions due to the large specific surface area.(for excellent purify water)
dark brown, from 1mm to 25mm.

☞Special Character

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 1,250 degrees centigrade after first glazing Admin 01-28 10402
 Natural Zeolite Ball . Granule Admin 01-28 10071
5  manufactured by high re-baking process Admin 01-28 8518
4  1,250 degrees centigrade after first glazing Admin 01-28 10402
3  Natural Zeolite Ball . Granule Admin 01-28 10071
2  excellent deodorizing performance, excellent calcium Admin 01-28 9395
1  make abundant pore for contains activated carbon powder. Admin 01-28 5921
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