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Antibacterial Ceramic Ball

Antibacterial Ceramic Ball

Alkaline Ceramic Ball
- make alkaline water(PH 8.5 - 9.8).
- make alkaline & antioxidant good-drinking mineral water.
- supply high capacity of calcium(Ca) mineral.
- remove bad smell in water and make sweet taste water.
white, from 0.5mm to 30mm(adjustable)
Antioxidant ORP Magnesium Ball
- make antioxidant ORP(oxidant reduction potential) water(-100mv_ -500mv) and alkaline water(PH 8.5 - 9.8).
- produced coated minerals on the magnesium for prevent fur and rapidity efficacy and lifetime continuance.
(our high technology)
- remove a harmful factor to health "oxygen free radicals" in air and water, make active hydrogen.
gray , coated mineral and raw material, 1-2mm granule , 3mm round shape, 5mm round shape.

Reduction Catalyst Ball
induces the alkaline catalyst function to be strengthened by preventing the elution of magnesium hydroxide which is the phenomenon of white residue formation created through a reaction with water(H2O) and by making the generated magnesium hydroxide recombine with Mg. Thus, hydrogen(H-H+H2)generation is done continuously even without washing during the period of reduction catalyst ball use.
grayish black, from 8mm to 15mm.
Antibacterial Ceramic Ball ( 3 kinds)
1. antibacterial agent ceramic ball
the efficacy is over 99.9% for contains a antibacterial agent powder( Approved for Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 15442 made at KIFA testing Institute).
- prevent heavy metal to be harmful to human body.
- excellent antibacterial effect against a broad range of bacterial, fungi.
white , from 0.5mm to 30 mm.
2. antibacterial silver ceramic ball
the best efficacy is over 99.99% for contains high fineness silver metal powder.
3. nano silver ceramic ball
manufactured by baking process at low temperature after impregnates ceramic ball with nano silver liquid for 48 hours.

Tourmaline Ceramic Ball
- make small water molecular structure by the wave of weak electricity and increase natural minerals.
- effect to the emission of far infrared rays and weak negative ion.
- make excellent activated water.
light brown, from 0.5mm to 40mm.
Mineral FIR ball
- excellent emits FIR(far infrared rays), abundant porous and lowest price.
- contains inorganic minerals for maintain good healthy body.
- complex functions(waste water treatment, adsorption gas.N.P.NH,heavy metals).
light reddish brown, from 0.5mm to 40mm.

Activated Carbon Ceramic Ball
- make abundant pore for contains activated carbon powder.
- water purification and remove residual impurities, bad smell in water.
- absorption removal of harmful a heavy metals.
black & grayish brown(high temperature 800-900 baking) black(low temperature 150- 180 low baking) contains activated carbon ( 30-70%),from 1mm to 15mm(size is adjustable)

Non - Oxidantion Magnetic Iron Ore Ball
- make non-oxidation water by generate magnetic force(use deodorize products : bio industry for animal plant growth environment industry).
- antibacterial deodorizing action of harmful bacterial, fungi.
black, 2mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Loess Negative Ion Grinded Ball
- emits abundant negative ion value(over 1,000 - 10,000 ea/cc)
- loess contains abundant porous, effective ingredient, so good purify drinking water and healthy material for foot massage.
- negative ion is natural air vitamin of increase natural healing ability & immunity.
reddish brown, from 0.5m to 40mm.(quantity negative ion is adjustable)
Synthetic-Zeolite Ball
- this water softening ball has a high ion exchange function and is stable with a long period of sustain ability owing to the excellent and steady function to change hard water into soft water.
- increase high PH(10-11.5) and high absorbent.
- occur to oxygen, absorb nitrogen(use filters of air conditioner, air purifier, oxygen generator, refrigerator)
- excellent deodorizing performance, excellent calcium ion exchange capacity and rate(removing metal ion by ion exchange).
white, 0.5mm,1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm.

Remove Chlorine Ball
- excellent efficiency of remove residual chlorine in water.
- diminution of bad smell, bad taste, impurities, organic matter.
white, 2mm, 3mm(using high pure CaSO3).
Natural Zeolite Ball . Granule
- natural zeolite, which is a fine multi-porous substance, has very strong physical adsorbing power and excellent chemical cation substitution capacity, and so it is much used as a ball of adsorption, catalyst and ion exchange functions.(for purify water, absorbent gas, waste water treatment)
- increase the amount of oxygen present in water.
- can be used safely in order to maintain the survival of ornamental fish(freshwater fish, saltwater fish)
- high resolvability of ammoniated nitrogen for widely porous characteristic.
light brown, Ball and Granule(KY-FM200), from 0.5mm to 40mm.

Elvan Stone(Maek ban stone) Ball
- Maek ban seok as an ore containing large quantities of over 40 kinds of minerals is used to change the physical properties of water(H2O) as it has a high emission rate of far infrared rays and strong adsorption, decomposition and ion exchange functions due to the large specific surface area.(for excellent purify water)
dark brown, from 1mm to 25mm.

Feldspar Ball
- make potassium(K) and sodium(Na) good drinking mineral water.
- emit high capacity of potassium ion(K).
white, from 1mm to 30mm.

Germanium ball
- maintains water in the our body at a proper level.
- keeps the balance of nutrition in the body and promotes metabolism.
- restrains aches and improves blood circulation.
- excellent healthy massage effect and emit Ge mineral.
dark brown, from 1mm to 30mm( contains GeO2 20-1,000 ppm and adjustable)
Bio Ceramic(Super-Ceramic) Ball
- as a mixed compound of many kind of natural minerals powder, it is used as a multifuctional ball with high generation of far infra-red rays(F.I.R) which is an energy for activation of living body and rotational electromagnetic waves(- ray)
- helps human metabolism and increase immunity.
- emits high FIR value(over 93%).
dark brown, white, from 1mm to 30mm

Antioxidant Pi(π) Ceramic Ball
- antioxidant and antirust effect.
- make small clusters of molecule water and activation.
- remove free radicals oxygen(O3) and change antioxidant pi-water.
- contains abundance oxygen, minerals.
- for use agriculture, marine, livestock field for growing noticeably and promote power of immune from disease.
brown, from 5 to 15mm.

Acid Ceramic Ball
- make natural acid water(PH4 - 5.5).
- for use wash face and body for maintain skin not have trouble.
light brown, from 3mm to 5mm.

Activated Carbon Granules
1. activated carbon
For use water purification, waste water treatment, air purification, odor removal, gas mask, cigarette filter, catalytic carrier, solvent recovery, medicine, chemical.
2. Silver activated carbon
Maintenance and augmentation of surface pore structure without a decrease of absorption capability. Sterilizing and shielding the outbreak and reproduction of various pathogenic bacteria. Excellent capability of removing VOCs, NOX, CO, HC.....)
particle size(mesh) 4x8, 8x12, 8x32, 12x30, 16x35 (2x4,2x8,8x16,12x20,20x40,30x80)others. 25kg, 500kg package unit.

Glazed Ceramic Ball
- manufactured by high re-baking process 1,250 degrees centigrade after first glazing special minerals agent for effective functions.
- improve water quality, good taste water, FIR ability, removal of scale and rust.
- enhance fuel saving ability, growth of agricultural food products.
reddish brown, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm.

Catalyst Bed Support Ceramic Ball
- accepted for a wide range of petroleum refining, chemical and petrochemical applications natural gas processing, industrial gases,catalytic cracking, desulfurization, polymerization, LPG treatment, thermal cracking, catalytic oxidation, hydrocracking methanation, molecular sieve separation, sulfur recovery, dryers. etc...)
- maximum resistance to erosion and attrition minimizes the possibility of catalyst contamination.
- have an extraordinary ability to withstand extreme thermal shock without breaking.
- free of sulfur, boron and common catalytic poison.
white, 3mm(1/8"), 6mm(1/4"), 13mm(1/2"), 25mm(1") leachable iron <0.1%, SiO2 70% , Al2O3 20%, bulk density;1.450kg/m3, specific gravity ; 2.4

Alumina Ball
- accepted ammonia plants(desulfurizers, secondary reformers, methanators) and petrochemical(separations polymerization).
- excellent grinding strength and stabilized chemical and abrasion restraint.
white, bulk density : 1,700 kg/m3, specific gravity : 3.7
apparent porosity : 14.8%, crushing strength : 472 kg.f(13mm),
water absorption : 2.0%, max working
temperature : 1,650 C ,Al2O3 99%(for high degree of purity crush and dispersion). 96%,92%,60%(for crush and dispersion).

Zirconia Ball(ZrO2)
- excellent effective crush power for high weight(make shorten worktime and helps labor productivity).
- high abrasion restraint power( not have impurity process)
- acceptable watery crush and dispersion of high density.

light white , size 0.3mm - 20mm , - ZrO2 (94.5+0.2) Y2O3 (5.0+0.2) ; density(g/cm3) > 5.90 , hardness(HV)>1200 sphericity(%) >92 , bulk density(g/cm3) > 3.70
- ZrO2 (75-85%) CeO2 (15-25%) ; for use grinding media CaCO3, paint & ink,TiO2, agricultural chemical, pigments, dyes.
- ZrO2 (55-65%) SiO2 (35-45%) ; for use grinding media kaolin, paint & ink, magnetic coating, lead, copper, zinc sulfide.

Energy Ion Bracelets, Ion Pendants, Accessories
- accelerating blood circulation(relieving ache in shoulder, fatigue).
- improving the power of concentration.
- increase energy, enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification.
- enhances an immune body and endocrine systems.
- promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance.
- it helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body.
- stabilizing the autonomic nervous system.

Others energy saving molding stone
- For boiling water for tea, coffee and cooking, mattress bed, healthy machine goods, ion healthy room or sauna(effect FIR and negative ion).
- high strength for produce by mold machine press.

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