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Eco-friendly Water Purifier

Eco-friendly Water Purifier

Turtle Ion Purifier Pitcher How to use, pour the enclosed citric acid into the pitcher. Delute citric acid with water. And shake the pitcher for 1~2 minutes. you can regenerate the filter and stick effectively by this methods. Wash the pitcher, filter, stick in flowing water, 2 or 3 times, it is recommendable to drink alkaline hydrogen reducing water after about 20 minutes. Features our ion purifier pitcher has 2 step water purifier filter system. 1 step ion filter the same water purifier and 2step ion stick the same generate good taste minerals water. When water pass through ion filter, remove pollutants and change ph, orp, water cluster. Adding to body plastic as resin antibacterial power. So very safety for drinking. Why is anti-oxidant alkaline hydrogen reducing water-good for our health? This water has detoxification action, natural healing power of immunity, remove active-oxygen power, Antioxidantion power, prevents fatty oxidation, antiaging effect, prevents abnormal bacterial or germs on the skins, keep beautiful skin for protect of moisture, and the influence of obesity, constipation, osteoporosis, climacteric symptoms, atopy. Etc. Cooking with antioxidant alkaline water. Cook rice, cook meat, vegetable, soup, fish, boil tea, coffee, rinsing fruits, fish, vegetables. Kyt-117, kyt-93g, kyt-93s, kyt-110, kyp-140, kyp-85. alkaline ball 10g, orp ball 10g, orp ball tourmaline ball 15g, orp ball, tourmaline ball, alkaline ball 20g

Energy Ion Antioxidant Purifier Pitcher(Jug)
" Healthy Ionized Water that's better for your body, better for your life "
" Alkaline Hydrogen Reducing Anti-oxidant Ion Water, the solution to having a life of health and well-being
Eco-friendly Water Purifier
"Easy cleaning and filter change, Excellent 2 step filter process"

Name : Turtle Ion Purifier Pitcher(Jug)
Size : 250(H) x 160(W) x 94(D)
Weight : 750g * Capacity : 2.7 liters
Filter lifetime : 7,000-8,000L(when use 1bottles daily, 8-9 months)
Stick lifetime : 24-30months( recommend cleaning per month)
Filter composition : antioxidant ORP Mg ball, activated carbon, antibacterial ball, tourmaline ball,
remove chlorine vitamin ball, mineral ball, antioxidant Pi( )ball.
Use materials certified registered by NSF, EPA, FDA
Eco-friendly Water Purifier
Name : Turtle Anti-oxidant alkaline water pitcher
Model No :KYP-3.6
Weight :700g
Capacity :3.6liters(2.4liters of filtered water)
Filter life time :400~500liter(4~5months)
Filter composition :anti-oxidant ORP Mg ball, Alkaline ceramic ball,

Modern design potcher(KYP-3.6)
Tourmaline ball, Activated carbon ball.

<The advantage of the Jug filter>
Anti-oxidants filter!
Helps to protect human body cells from the damaging effects of oxidation Alkalizing filter!
Ionized alkaline water helps the body deal with toxins within the body and
often used by people with diabetes, high blood pressure, overly acidic bodies.
Alkaline Reducing Ion Stick
enjoy antioxidant alkaline reducing water anytime, anywhere ORP ION Water The healthiest drink possible
Make antioxidant alkaline hydrogen reduced water.
(ORP value -50 _ -350 mv depending on water quantity)
Produces natural alkaline calcium water with a PH of 8.0_ 9.8 which helps increasing body metabolism.
Supply useful minerals in water(Na, K, Ca, Mg, Ge, etc....)
Changed small cluster molecules of water(54Hz), more easily absorbed by the body.
Emission far infrared rays and generate antifungal power in water.
Effect to removes oxygen free radical(O3) which is a harmful to health.

Eco-friendly Water Purifier
Easy to use and simple : add to any bottled water and drop and shake

Name :Turtle Ion Stick
* Model name, size, material:
- KYT-117(H 117mm x D 20mm / TiO2 transfer coating/ For 1.0 liter)
- KYT-93(H 93mm x D 20mm / TiO2 transfer coating / For 0.5 liter)
- KYS-110(H110mm x D17mm x Stainless steel/ For 1.0 liter)
- KYP-140(H 140mm x D18 / plastic / For 1.0 liter)
- KYP- 85(H 85 mm x D18 / plastic / For 0.5 liter)
* Filter lifetime : 7-10 months (when first time use, wash the stick with flowing water)
* Filter composition : antioxidant ORP Mg ball, antibacterial ball,
tourmaline ball, non-oxidant magnetic iron ore ball, mineral ball
Functional Beauty Products

1. Alkastone Bottle

Eco-friendly Water Purifier
2. Alkaline stick for cooler and dispenser

Eco-friendly Water Purifier
3. Wasing Ball

Eco-friendly Water Purifier
Eco-friendly Water Purifier
Cooking Stone

color : white
size : 73mm(D)×13mm(T)
weight: 120~125g
Eco-friendly Water Purifier
Cooking & Deodorization Ball
Model : Cooking Ball
color : Brown
size : 30~32mm
weight : 33~35g
Model : Deodorization Ball
color : white
size : 40~42mm
weight : 58~60g
Features & usage

When cooking soup, grill, fries, the food will taste better, cook quickly by far infrared rays.
When cooking rice, meat far infrared rays, rice or meat burnishes well and do not fade easily.
When boil the water of tea, coffee, soften the taste and better.
When thaw meat and seafood, frozen food will thaw quickly.
When put in the refrigerator, shoe box, built-in wardrobe,can remove the musty smell.
Storing vegetables and fruits for freshness.
KY "Alkalizing Water Treatment" Tea - bag

* Alkalizing * Ionize * Oxygenate * Mineralize * Hydrate * Anti-oxidants effect(Low ORP) like Vitamin-C * Raise the PH(alkaline water) * Restructure "Create Restorative Drinking water using Break-through Anti-oxidant Alkaline ceramic Technology "
shape pyramid(triangle) type, Square type
Weight 10gram, 15gram, 20gram
Ingredients Antioxidant ORP ball, Alkaline ball, Tourmaline ball
Usage For drinking ( “just drop the silk pouch into water bottle or Drinking glass”)
Life Time 15~20 times a week( last up to 30 days )
Tea-bag Materials Nylon mesh, Non-woven fabric
Eco-friendly Water Purifier
Features&How to use

• KY Alkalizing tea-bag” provides the anti-oxidants materials and foundational nutrients needed to hydrate,
    repair and energize your cells.
• “KY Alkalizing tea-bag” provides electrolytes form a full complex of natural minerals to help alkalize and
    hydrate your body.
• When you added KY Alkalizing tea-bag“ in the water will :
    Raise the alkalizing of your drinking water ( Ph goes up 8.5~9.8 and ORP goes down -50 ~ -400 mv).
• Make small water molecular structure( -54 ~ -56 mv).
• “KY Alkalizing tea-bag” can dissolves tea in cold water without boiling easier.
• “KY Alkalizing tea-bag” is comfortable to carry and can be used anytime and anywhere for
    enjoying alkalizing ion water.
• Safe ceramic ball inside the tea-bag were registered by FDA for drinking water.
Eco-friendly Water Purifier
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